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Ruth from Marlow in England
Visitor at Bear's Gorge, Summer 2006
horse riding testimonial "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bears Gorge. It is a very beautiful place and it was very relaxing. The accommodation was comfortable and the traditional polish food was excellent. The horse riding was great and it was fun to see the polish countryside, the forests and the lakes. Toruń is a fantastic city and I was so pleased to see it. Everyone has been very kind to me I only regret that I cannot speak more polish. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and I am very grateful to Marta and Leszek for all that you have done for me."

Peter with Partner from Swindon in England
Canoe Trip on the Brda, Summer 2006
"It was great thanks! The weather was awful but we still had a good time. Greg and Monika were brilliant and were a great help in getting us organised - they took us to the supermarket and everything! Kayaking was great fun. They were completely amazed when we turned up and were English - obviously a bit of a novelty! We had a great group though and managed to communicate the key points. ... All in all, it was a great adventure. Thanks again for all your help in organising it."

Lorenzo from Sweden
horse riding letter
Visitor at Bear's Gorge, Summer 2006
Thank you for that you showed me Toruń. I really appreciate yours and Leszeks efforts for that I should get a good stay here and good memories back.