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Body Tattoo

If you are considering having a larger tattoo, coming especially to Toruń to have it done may cost you less than having it done at home, and you have a week's holiday as a bonus.

Leszek Owsiany has worked as a Tattoo artist since 1994, and runs his own studio, Dingir, located right next to the main town square.

Each tattoo is different and price depends on the size, the detail involved and where on your body you have it. We can give you an idea of price if you send us a copy of your chosen design. A large design can take days to complete.

A great tattoo is priceless, it's artwork which will be part of you forever, so we believe it's worth coming to Toruń for the experience.

Designs can be chosen from the large selection available at Dingir, or you can provide you own design.

Body piercing is also available (ear, eyebrow, nose, tongue or navel).

Cost : £190 per person for the week with accommodation.
Does not include travel to Torun. Cost may vary depending upon particular tattoo.

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in having a tattoo in Toruń,
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