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Horseriding and Angling in Grabowiec

Spend a week with horses in central Poland, with riding near the banks of the Vistula and in the countryside around Toruń.

The large stables and horse riding school in Grabowiec offering this trip, can cater for all, with over 40 horses, friendly experienced instructors and great accommodation. Beginners, experienced equestrians, children and adults, can enjoy trekking, trail riding, training as well as lessons in the fields, lanes and forests around Toruń. Activities are arranged to suit your particular needs and preferences.

Accommodation is inside a freshly renovated farmhouse across the yard from the stables. Lessons can include how to approach horses, caring for them, saddling and riding.

In addition:
entertainment evenings at the stable bar, fishing at nearby lakes, bonfire evenings for musing and singsongs, traditional music and dance evenings, cycling and trips to Toruń.

Terms and Conditions
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