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Horseriding and Angling in Elgiszewo

Canoeing, fishing and a range of other activities (horse riding, hunting, water sports, cycling, forest walks) are available in Elgiszewo, a luxury riverside hunting lodge 30 minutes northeast of Torun.
Click here for the full list of local horse riding destinations.

hunting lodge

Accommodation is available for groups at the main lodge, alternatives include a lakeside cottage or camping. Hotel or exclusive appartment accommodation can be arranged in the centre of Torun. aerial view hunting lodge

The hunting lodge is situated on the banks of the River Drweca and 10 minutes walk from Lake Okonin.
Canoe trips along the River Drweca are arranged to suit your group. The river stretches over 200 km from the north eastern lake region it flows through Brodnica and a number of special conservation areas and joins the River Wistula close to Torun. It's an easy and picturesque route, though currents are strong in places and safety equipment is provided.

fishing holiday Good fishing is available at the lake, on the river as well as a number of ponds close to the lodge in beautiful surroundings, fields and forest. Deer hunting and wild boar hunting can be arranged on request.

Great for the kids, Elgiszewo has a small menagerie of animals: ostrich, wild boar, deer, fish, chickens, wild foul, horses, pheasants, goats.

river drweca

luxury accommodation

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